1. misia-cosplays:


    Anyone going to FanExpo Toronto tomorrow?

    I'll be there, cosplaying Chihiro Fujisaki!

    Also, if you're cosplaying Ishimaru, I'll probably run up to you and give you a little 'Happy Birthday, Ishimaru!' card, since it it his birthday tomorrow :3

    Anyway I hope I see some of you there! However, if you do see me... I'll probably turn down hugs or anything because I am rather sick ;; lucky me...

    I'll be walking around with a Naegi, Maizono, and a little Teemo (more like someone in a Teemo hat actually)

    Anyway, I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I might be tweeting tomorrow as well, but I'm not sure. Hope to see some of your there!


  2. It’s my favourite memes birthday


  3. "Everything of Me, All of it, to You"

    Medium: Sharpie Markers
    by [x], inspired by [x]

    Happy Birthday, Souda Kazuichi!

    Read More


  4. "May We Meet Again"
    Acrylic on 24”x18” canvas, completed June 2014

    by [Michelle]
    artist statement [x]


  5. Just to let all of you know, I changed my url from misiaaliceannie to chell-the-sheikah.

    I might still change it back, though. I’m really indecisive. Just a heads up! (I hate it when people change their urls without notice, I get confused ;_;)


  6. Just a small announcement:

    I took many photos during Anime North 2014, and really, I’ve only uploaded like.. 5. Although, many of you who were in that DR Sunday shoot really liked them, so of course I will continue uploading.

    However, I have exams for the next two weeks, and these past three weeks were just final projects after final projects.

    I promise I’ll upload all of my photos (all nicely edited) when summer begins! (That’ll probably be July)

    Anyway, I hope everyone is still doing well, post-con (the post-con depression his me about last week. it was terrible. I needed to be back at AN… until next year!!)

    Anyway.. thats all. cool.


  7. zelda-melodies:

    Field:  Spirit Tracks - The Legend of Zelda Series for Guitar



  9. Hug Train
    sore wa chigau yo (?) (!) (!) (?) (!)
    touch teh ahoge

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ahoge

    Komaeda (left): [x]
    Nanami (left) : [x]
    Hinata: [x]
    Komaeda (right): [x]
    Nanami (right): [x]
    Photographer: [x]


  10. ...true despair...

    Asahina and the Donut of Despair

    Asahina (left): [x]
    Asahina (middle): [x]
    Asahina (right): [x]
    Junko: [x]
    Photographer: [x]


  11. Yeah I decided to add the strings.. I really liked this pose... a lot.. You guys make perfect Junkos (+Mukuro)

    “All of this… for me? Junko is going so far, just for me. Junko… are you looking at me? Thank you, Junko.”

    -Mukuro Ikusaba

    Junko (left): [x]
    Junko/Mukuro: [x]
    Junko (right): [x]
    Photographer: [x]



  13. "I mean, without a computer I can’t do anything…"
    -Chihiro Fujisaki

    Cosplayer: Michelle [x]


  14. Shadows & Reflection

    Temari: Me [x]
    Photographer: Jillian


  15. Playing with shadows

    Temari: Me [x]
    Photographer: Jillian